Bucket list


My traveling obsession, started at the late age of 30! I always wanted to travel the world But my very unplanned life got in the way so everything was on hold
So at age 30, I had a early mid-life crisis! that’s the very first time I asked myself what Have I done? What do I remember? What makes me,me?
I could not name more then a hand full off absolute amazing memories
(it sounds sad now that I see it in writing)

Anyway that’s when I sat down one evening and wrote a list, not a wish list,a bucket list where I imagined I would pull one thing out of the bucket and I would need to do it so I started and I have been ticking things off that list, ever since,.

so if your thinking about travelling or even making a change in your life this is where to start…..
A list of things you would like to do in your life time and start doing them.
Start with the smallest and the easiest things on the list so you get the feeling of completion.
This won’t be easy cos life comes in the way but think about the feeling of achievement and the memories you will make for life so make your list
Thee list
A self promise
A game changer

Good luck x

There are many apps for bucket list and maps that you can mark countries you’ve been to…