NY Girls therapy

An annual girls holiday ,is better than therapy says the Telegraph,
Therefore, for therapeutic reasons alone, I go annually with the girls ,for the sake of my health.I’m sure you understand.

New York
New York ,was my first girls holiday ever, it was bound to be a success .
We planned everything to a T, that made it less stressful and I only had to pack for myself,not for 2 kids and a husband so basically my holiday started from home! We went at Christmas time and that was perfect timing in my eyes and I would only go back at Christmas/ holiday season time now.

We got there on Christmas Eve so everything was alight !
Americans go big or go home! And I saw big alright! never till this day have I seen such extravagant lighting displays in shops and on the streets ,your eyes light up dazzled by all the excitement ,there is so much to see, the hustle’ n ‘bustle really leaves you buzzing.

The pictures I’ve put up do not do justice to the atmosphere.(as they were taken on my phone.)
I loved walking around in New York City everything thing seemed so familiar and unreal at the same time it was an insane feeling.

Times square

Wow! A lot to take in at first sight,what a spectacular ,man made commercial neighbourhood,no matter how many times you see it on tv and in movies it cannot prepare you for the visual overdose of lights I was in New York for a week and I went to Times square 5 times ,just to walk around or sit back and watch others running around, to God knows to where, even in the early hours of the morning!

Tips. Stand back and take your time
Don’t get stuck in the crowds of people or you will be stuck for ages.
Keep your belongings close to you !Lots of pick pocketing goes on.
Don’t bother taking taxis anywhere, they take longer then walking.

Brooklyn bridge

The bridge offers great panoramic views of New York City and is open 24/7 this bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn ,one of the best and most scenic walks ever you can see the Liberty island and most of NY it took us 15-20 min to walk across it,it gives you the opportunity to take pictures ,once on the other side ,we went to have pizza in a place called Grimaldi’s the queue was long ,apparently this ,is on the hit list for most visitors ,the pizza was lovely ,but not THAT great, that I would go back again and the service was non existent,so have patience and wait for the paper plates to arrive.

Tips. Wear the comfiest shoes/trainers you have!
Take Cash with you ,pizza place only takes cash
Time it ,so that you can see sunset or sunrise.
Morning is good cos you are full of energy
Take a tram to Manhattan

Shopping in NYC

Woodbury Common’s ,Macy’s ,Bloomingdales and Sephora(of course) and many many more!
Second day of the trip we went to Woodbury Commons we got the bus early in the morning about 9.30 it took an hour to get there,so not that long,this place has 220 stores at this outlet basically it was the size of a small town with all big designer names full with discounts and tourist get an extra discount book when you arrive
Amazing shopping experience I bought lots of things from NY I went crazy with my cards and I still wish I bought more.

Tips … Take a suitcase to Woodbury common’s
Take snacks with you
Start you shopping with shoes shops(Nike shop,Ugg Boots)they go fast

Central Park

I was staying at the Hilton hotel and that was only 3 min walk away from Central Park We left the park till the last day so we only had a couple of hours before we headed to the airport and I regretted that decision, as soon I entered the park ,there was so much to do there ,it was a green wonderland and what an iconic park it is,everything kept reminding me of my favourite childhood movie Home Alone.

Such a display of nature in the middle of a metropolis,really is magnificent.Like an oasis in the ever bustling desert of buildings in New York City.Trees,ponds,and horse n carriage rides that take you around the park.
I would love to visit again one day and spend a full day just in the park.

Tips.take your time

I would highly recommend New York as a girls holiday I don’t think it’s a good place for a family holiday and I’m glad I didn’t take my kids there,you could do all the things in 3days.so you could go for a long weekend and you could fit everything in,
Let me know if you have ever been? Or if your going?

Also a big shout out the halal guy right out side my hotel and served up the best shawarma,always had a long queue but so worth it