The weather in Scotland is cold,silent and white they call it the beast from the east ,
the authorities issued a red weather ,warning of danger to life.
Snow blizzards,freezing rain and temperatures of -15c! sounds wonderful, doesn’t it ?
Thanks to global warming, our year round rain has turned in to snow flakes it’s been snowing for 4 days and nights and we have been house bound.
bad weather looks much nicer from a window in a warm house, “but mind you!
No milk ,no bread and hyperactive screaming kids that have been off school for 3days! makes the weather look not so bad, so time for a wee walk!

I moved to Scotland in 2007 from England and I learned very quickly, that I should not expect great things from the Scottish weather cos that year we had only a couple of weeks of Summer and apparently that’s a good summer here! where all the bravehearts,die hard Scots have personality transplants and start singing songs from la la land,lol, jokes aside Scottish people are lovey, I am married to one !so I’ve got to say that.

But this is home now ,Scotland is a great place to live or visit ,the country is full of beautiful scenery,greenery,mountains,hills and wilderness .Then there’s Loch Ness,with its very own Loch Ness monster while further up north you can enjoy breathtaking northern lights(aurora borealis) Autumn and winter are perfect to come to Scotland.

There’s a lot going on and New Year’s Eve known as Hogmanay is a well celebrated tradition up here!
Edinburgh also has the most magical Christmas markets on at that time, you will not be disappointed especially with warm waffles with all the toppings! Mm mm mm


Bring an umbrella (of course)all season gear, cos you can experience all four seasons in one hour, never mind a day.
Book in advance your train or bus tickets.
Accommodation in Edinburgh is expensive so book ahead or just stay in
Glasgow or Dunfermline and take the train.
Glasgow is a budget friendly city too and lots of free places to go
and don’t forget the national drink Irn bru!

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